Sunday, October 9, 2011


Halloween Design Project from Instructables:

Wine Bottle Jack-O-Lanterns

The beauty of Wind power


I had this beautiful photograph saved in my phone that I just had to share after my green design post. I didn't expect to feel such joy and excitement to see wind mills, but this sight was jaw dropping. My husband and I found these on the ride home camping at Letchworth State Park, we had to take a detour route and these were the first few of many wind mills that captivated us. Just 30 minutes south of my house in the middle of nowhere, looked to be a hundred or so wind mills. Go WNY wind power!

Green Design : Cardboard Straws


An interesting utensil found at  Ted's Montana Grill, while visiting Denver, Colorado, was these cardboard straws. An easily disposable straw? I didn't even think about straws not being biodegradable and how truly wasteful plastic straws are to our environment. I mean just think, every time you go to a restaurant you're probably going to use one. As for the green product functionality there is a interesting feel to the lips when you first use one. It does not get cold like a plastic straw and it has a better chance of sticking to wet lips but those are just small sacrifices to upgrading to green design. Earth friendly is always the way to go. I can't wait to find these in the grocery stores and in more restaurants, until then I'm going to make an effort to skip drinking out of straws, what wrong with drinking out from the glass anyway?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Dave's Thick And Juicy


So my husband and I went to Wendy's to try Dave's beefy burger. Honestly we were impressed, attention to detail was definitely there in packaging and flavor. Real flavor, real food, and a cute box totally worth $5.