Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Disney Princess Engagement Rings

Disney has realized that it is not only children that love there brand and characters, but adults as well. I know my mother-in-law loves Disney and fits this demographic. She goes to Disney World every year, has a Minnie bathroom, and accessories purchased, such as her iPhone case, follow in the love of Disney. So I was pleased to see these engagement rings hit the market and I'm sure there are plenty of single ladies dieing to get the question popped with one of these rings.

What I think also what have worked is to create these rings using fake diamonds for the little princess fans as well. As a small girl I got a purple stone ring for my communion and it met the world to me. I think if I got one of these rings designed for my favorite Disney princesses, Ariel at the time, it would have made me melt.

This ring designs are lovely and truly communicate the princess they were designed for. These sparkling product designs will be around for years to come, for Disney merchandising and on fingers of dreamy fans everywhere.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Freeman Formula Complete Meals

Four pack exterior packaging for Orange Creamsicle.

Freeman Formula is a local health and fitness faculty located in East Syracuse, NY.  They have fitness programs and supplements to help their clients succeed faster results. In September 2012 I had the opportunity to work with the owners Jeramy & Kim Freeman while working at Seaboard Graphics in Liverpool, NY.

 The Freeman's already successful Complete Meals where going to get packaged smaller so their product could be made for women's serving sizes. This was a great opportunity for them to re-brand. Their current identity is shimmery highlights of gold on black with sexy images that span cookbooks, training guides, and their website. But for this project the Freemans where looking for the product ingredients to shine. They wanted pops of flavor with a feminine organic feel to coincide with there exceptional recipe of pure and simple ingredients. Four flavors have been released internationally selling in the GNC website: Orange Creamsicle, Peach-Mango, Caramel Caffe, and Chocolate.

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Peach-Mango bottle wrap

Beak & Skiff Apple Farms

Living is Syracuse we have a tradition each fall to travel down to Lafayette, NY and go apple picking. But this year our apple farm looked drastically different. They redesigned the whole thing, I mean everything. Beak and Skiff got new branding, a new building, and even new parking layout; and it was genius!

The new barn; cafe is on the right, bar is on the left.

Looking back, the farm was so congested people were always standing in long lines waiting to get around the shop or get to the apple fritter stand. Beak and Skiff took everything into consideration and refined. They put the play area in the orchard, they moved every display in the store and made room for not only walking but for a relaxed shopping experience. And the biggest change, building a new barn that held a foyer like connection between a cafe and the apple "bar" where they sell glasses of their hard ciders, spirits, and wines on tap.

Inside the bar distressed crates create that 100 year feel.

Beak and Skiff was founded in 1911 by Andrew Beak & George Skiff and their 100 year anniversary was their inspiration for the new branding of spirits, which currently consists of vodka and gin, as well as various flavored ciders. The agency behind the new branding is Intwine Marketing, a San Francisco based agency that specializes in wine and spirit industry marketing.

1911 Hard Ciders come is a variety of flavors like blueberry, raspberry, sweet apple, light and crisp, and their classic 1911.

McDonalds McWrap Bag

Good wrap, cute bag.