Sunday, July 29, 2012

Great Divide Brewery

Great Divide is a brewery located in Denver, CO. Their product is well-known, and their eye-catching brand identity I think has a lot to do with it. Below are pictures of there in-house beer menu. At 2201 Arapahoe Street they have a small tasting room where you can purchase pints and sit around to enjoy loud music and being elbow to elbow with the locals.

Their design radiates through a thick and bold sans serif type face that is apparent on the front of almost every product they sell. This design is a favorite of my husbands and gets him interested every time. But design is not only what is cool about Great Divide, concept is key with fun names like YETI and HOSS who wouldn't try these brews?

Architectural beauty

Fishy in a box

Cole's trout  has a beautiful package design! If I only knew what to do with Trout. Cole's trouts are raised incorporating a semi-intensive farming method using a natural, closed-in stream that uses actual mountain spring waters. They try their best to farm friendly and create a delicious product that you can purchase at your local grocery store. Cole's sells two favors: Trout in Escabeche (which is trout in a traditional herb Portuguese sauce) and Applewood Smoked Trout, both flavored fish packs are boneless. 

Colorful Van wrap


What's this? A wrap wrap created by me for Seaboard Graphics delivery truck!
And if your looking for more designs from me visit my website:

Typography tea

This Clipper tea package design fills what could have been negative space with type. Clipper Tea sells organic, fair-trade, classic, and specialty teas. I found these as Marshall's but I bet you can find them at your local grocer. I also hear Clipper sells hot cocoa and coffees, I wonder what that package design looks like?

Sweet tea

Tea inspired by their grandma.