Thursday, September 8, 2011

A chair to drink about

Lets sit, relax, and enjoy a classic design made from a deliciously refreshing material.

Made from 111 recycled plastic Coke bottles, the 111 Navy Chair® (1944/2009) is the result of a special collaboration between Emeco and Coca-Cola. It took four years of research, design and materials testing to create this chair, which is a plastic version of the iconic 1006 Navy® Chair. Designed to have the attributes of the original aluminum version – strength, durability and comfort – the 111 Navy Chair expands the collection by offering color and a bit of pop (no pun intended). The Navy Chair design constitutes the proprietary Trade Dress of Emeco. Made in U.S.A..
  • The production of this chair is expected to keep three million plastic Coke bottles out of landfills each year.
  • Suitable for outdoor and commercial use.
  • One of the few plastic chairs to be built with leg stretchers, the 111 Navy will stand up to frequent use.

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