Thursday, January 2, 2014

Looking back at 2013, The House Project

I have always had a knack for getting my hands dirty and I love projects. So my husband and I took on a very large project in 2013, a house. We closed in December 2012 and just finished everything we said we would, last week. It took us one year and one day to finish the whole house and I am so proud.

Above is a before and after picture of my kitchen. Although my husband and I updated everything in the entire house, you can see our results best in the kitchen. See that white flying saucer sitting on the far left counter within the top photo? That was the only light source to the kitchen and it was on a motion sensor, which was just creepy. Also, if you can see the line above the cabinets, that is the line from the drop ceiling that ran throughout the whole first floor which we ripped down. Yup, we did serious overhaul.

I'm a planner, hard worker and a dreamer. Completing this house was just one of the many things that I can check off my bucket list in 2013. I am most impressed with our diligence and teamwork. Even under the worse stress my husband and I kept our cool. We took turns being the leader, decision maker and budget keeper which says a lot about who we are as team players. The experience to update a house is hard and not for everyone, but if you are a goal oriented person and pace yourself room by room it shouldn't get too overwhelming.

At this point the house just needs interior design like curtains and knick knacks that I hope to collect and display as we grow old. I would like to design a garden outside one spring or summer and get a better understanding of soil, sun, and planting zones. But that is for another day. Today and for awhile I will be grateful for this lasting design accomplishment. As a graphic designer most of my work has a short shelf life, but this house project has provided me an opportunity to live within my design and appreciate it every day and that feels good. Happy New Year.

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