Thursday, November 18, 2010

AIGA CMYK Event Buffalo,NY

I attented this week's AIGA event in Buffalo,NY. It took place at The Blue Monk located at 727 Elmwood Ave. The event was called CMYK, which as a designer you know this abbreviation as cyan, magenta, yellow and black, but for this event it's know as "come meet your own kind". It was a small turn out this time at a bar with too good a draft list. The Blue Monk is a bar that has a focus on Belgium style beers, which are my favorite. At The Blue Monk I was able to try long awaited brews as well as be able to ask people about what they were drinking that looked so delicious and beautiful in their tulip shaped glasses. On the down side, the bar itself was pretty loud which was hard to work around; when you're trying to make professional connections; standing too close is just oxword, you know. But either way I meant some new folks, learned about some unexpected in-house design locations, and fulfilled my Belgium beer sweet tooth. Can't wait for the next event.
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