Sunday, December 19, 2010

Beer Store Mood Board

If you are not familiar with a mood board it is a board that you use to provide you or others with inspiration, color, and direction for a project; this board creates a visual to the mood you are trying to portray.

I just recently learned of a mood board when I was watching Running Russell Simmons and viewing Courtney Love slobber over her mood board in a meeting to promote her show. Although watching her was unsettling, the idea of a mood board was rather interesting. She had magazine photos, sketches, ribbons, tassels and feathers on this large board. It was a bit messy and I couldn't really see what Courtney Love was going for.

Then yesterday, I was talking with my friend Kevin and my sister Jessica on gmail chat. (As I previously mentioned Jess is also a designer and Kevin is a good friend of my husband's who wants to start a beer store with him.) So, Kevin was talking with me about the name of the store and thought it wasn't working. So, I asked my sister for advice and she recommended a mood board. She explained it much better then Courtney Love's example and used one of our favorite blogs, Design*Sponge, and interior design blog, to explain.

On Design*Sponge the writer,Grace Bonney, will select a movie and create one or two small mood boards, in Photoshop, with objects that portray the atmosphere of that movie. See this one for When Harry Met Sally. So, I followed Grace Bonney's lead on how to create a mood board for the Beer Store and what you see above is the result.

I actually really like how it turned out, and it also provided me with some relaxation while designing it. My husband always talks about how he wants the store to look and I always talk about the research I have done on colors and lighting, so getting it all out felt quite good. I hope I hit the nail on this one. (I'm helping design the store) I'll find out what they think later tonight.

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