Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Book Review- The Martha Rules

I'm currently reading Martha Stewart's book about managing and starting a business. Although it is a generalized how-to it is quite enjoyable of a read. I was collecting books about how to start my freelance business and picked this one up quickly before leaving the library. (I love that about libraries you can grab books without thinking twice about them.) Martha's book sat on my coffee table for awhile with other books on subjects from business etiquette to Donald Trump, while I tried to read Michelle Goodman's first book, the Anti-9 to 5. I had started reading Michelle's book when I thought I had lost my way, but after my trip to NYC I feel like I could move forward again. Martha Stewart, no matter how much my mother dislikes her, she is a mentor too me, and I thank her for showing the average individual about the important of putting attention to detail.

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