Tuesday, May 25, 2010


“Repot”, was the term used in Martha Stewart’s book, The Martha Rules, about managing a business; as a reference for a new start, which currently is something I am in the process of doing.

I’m doing a lot of research about building a business. I really would like to understand how to be an employer so I can become a better employee. Before I was one to search for a job and take what I could get, but after my last job I realized I maybe too over qualified and I need to be careful not to step backwards in my career, just to earn a paycheck.

I’ll be honest, my last repotting was pretty displaced, and I left wondering if I still loved my craft. “Should I go into business myself, get my Masters or should I change my career path to find my way,” I wondered.

I was feeling uncertain, but then something happened. My sister called and she needed my help. She was graduating in two weeks and was over loaded with work, her projects’ spark was hard to see and she was zombie-styling the last days of the semester. She asked for my advice.

I took a look at her graphic works for her seminar presentation and Graduate Show, “Not so glittery”. So, I got in my car and drove 400 miles to the big city. I thought I’d go to help my sister tighten the seams, but in the end the experience tighten mine.

I got their on a Friday night, she wanted to party with friends and relax, but I starting working. I told her we can have a cold beer when we can really relax; and I’m not talking about when we get it done, it’s when we get it complete.
I pulled a box from my trunk that was filled with satin flowers, silk fabrics, and a white backdrop. I took her projects set them up on a table, setup the proper lighting and put her camera on the tripod. “There, this is what you needed, a little backup and teamwork”.

She clicked the camera; I directed the shots, the Photoshop-ing, and the layouts. I wasn’t going to do her work, but I was going to make her shine.
After a week and a half of non-stop sweat equity it was a success. Not only did my sister succeed, but I did as well. I put my heart, soul, backbone, and limbs into graphic design again, and it felt good. Being surrounded by others that worked just as hard and produced works with so much creativity really gave me that second breath of fresh air I really needed.

There, I truly understood the importance of support and positive thinking, leadership, guidance, as well as teamwork. I good business has these attributes and maintains them because they are more important them just making a comfortable work environment they also keep great employees on staff, help cushion change, help keep minds healthy and creative, and help your company grow.

I maybe another graphic designer in the pool of unemployment but I’m far from drowning. I’m actually thriving from it. And I can only hope that all this cultivation will help me find a new garden to repot, grow, and really blossom.

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