Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Juicy Finds for May 2010

If you have about two hours, this is an interesting video. Its a discussion from Cooper-Hewitt on "user-centered design" or understanding how ergonomics effects the productivity and enjoyment of a designed work. Jesse Ashlock, former Editor-in-Chief of I.D. Magazine moderated this panel of three: Dan Formosa, founder of Smart Design who has designed work, ranging from kitchen items to medical products mostly recently known for his leafy SmartGauge with EcoGuide on the new Ford Focus, Sigi Moeslinger, co-founder of Antenna Design that combines technological complexity with a sense of humanity; her work on the NYC subways (which with my current trip to NYC I have recently enjoyed) is discussed. My favorite part of this video is listening to the third panelist Neils Differient, most well known for his Freedom and Liberty chair designs manufactured by Humanscale, he is a slow and enlightening speaker that I feel would be a great person to have sitting on my front porch and drinking ice tea with.

Other inspiring finds, this one from Design Milk is PIE Studio’s business card which folds into the shape of a pie slice and the brochure also folded into a slice unfolds out to an entire pie.

Foosball has entered my life recently, after introducing my husband to a great old fashioned style bar in the heart of Buffalo, with delicious brews and a huge game room, Foosball is becoming an enjoyment. My friend Kevin even got a table for his basement. And although I'm not that good at it, others are and it shows in this creative football coat hook.

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