Tuesday, August 3, 2010


A breath taking new video game on XBOX is LIMBO. A black and white, almost silent, platform game that keeps you locked in its dark and mysterious world. It's a game that manifests those creepy fillings you used to get as a child scared at night. Within hues of gray and degrees of depth you really feel you're in the world of LIMBO. It is a puzzle game, meaning you move forward by solving a variety of obstacles. Such as climbing a rope, sacking crates, and pulling levers to get ahead. At first you start by solving problems with items in the foreground and then you have to use objects that are shadowed in the back. It's tricking and inviting, and you can easily find yourself spending an entire morning playing it until you reach the end, or is it?

Not only is the rainy day world to be appreciated here, but the its study of movement. I was impressed by the way the main character moved; his joints bent in a natural human way, even at his tragic death(s), limbs and blood broke away and crushed very realistically. I can only hope that this game makes any Madden football game designer really take a look at the human hip and shoulder movements. With LIMBO's ecstatically dark bamboozle adventure, this game is truly compelling, not to mention its affordable price tag at 1200 gamer points, which translates to around $15.

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