Friday, August 27, 2010

Mock ad from Photo CS5 Tutorials

The other day I came across a sexy Barcardi ad with water droplets swirling around the bottle. I knew I just had to learn to do it so I watched some tutorials, which you can check out from my previous posts, and played around with some new Photoshop tools.

Above is my mock ad, showing off my new Photoshop CS5 puppet tool skills. Below are the images I used to get there. I wish I could have taken my own photos and worked them out, but these web images worked out pretty well to get the training in. If I had more time to make changes I think I'd spruce up the beer glass a bit, maybe make it a little brighter. But otherwise I like it, and I in love with Photoshop's puppet tool.


  1. Looks great, now I wan to try. Can you please share the website you got this tutorial from?

  2. Sure, its the previous post here: