Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Color Me Happy, with my own Pantone Color Coffee Mug

Mornings just got a little more exciting with these stylish Pantone Mugs, dishwasher and microwave safe.

While reading through my new August pile of magazines I came across this lovely Pantone mug. I'm one to collect unique and interesting mugs and this one, colored with Pantone colors, just speaks Graphic Designer. I would love to own a collection of these and hang them in my office cubbie. I'd select the mug color carefully each day according to my mood. (As of today I think there is 30 available colors). But, if I couldn't have the entire collection my favorites are Cupcake Yellow 607C, Orange 021C, Paprika 179C, and Cool Gray 10. I love these mugs and to be totally serious, I have started a Christmas list for myself and these are at the top! But if you can't wait until the holidays individual colors and sets are available at Pop Delux and Amazon.

Other Pantone items available are Pantone espresso cups, luggage tag, wallet, coin purse, book bag, messenger bag and a passport holder. And I'm sure there will be more items to come in the future, my hope next is for a Pantone sketch pad, but this Pantone notebook is close enough.

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