Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shop Naturally and Give Creativity

A wooden Leaf Puzzle from Just Hatched Esty Shop

But today I ventured into the Community section of Esty and watched a interesting video about one of their artists, Woodmouse. Her and a team of artists started a website called Natural Kids which makes open-ended, natural kid items. Such as, wooden toys, unique plush animals and natural children's clothing. For example, giving your child a brightly colored piece of fabric can be a creative journey during playtime. This fabric can become a tent, a superman cap, or a kite. Giving your child something so simple can be very healthy for the mind, and we need to nurture creativity. As a Designer you have got to appreciate green creative toys that can grow your child's creativity too.

Get to know Esty

Lemongrass Sage Soap (Vegan friendly) from Sherri's Scents & Soys

I always check on Etsy to see what wonderful things are being created and sold by individual artists of the world. It is my mother's birthday coming up so I was looking to see if there was anything I could get her handmade. I love Etsy for a lot of reasons. One, their opening webpage changes hourly with selected items that fulfill a theme of that day. Two, they really push for quality, with products and photographs. And, three, this is the place I can easily find what I'm looking for.

I know your probably thinking that with so many stores and so many items how can finding a particular item be easy. Well, lets say I'm shopping for lemongrass scented soaps. I select "buy" select the "Bath and Beauty" category and select "soap". Then when I'm in, I keyword lemongrass or all natural. I can instantly find the perfect soap I need in seconds. I usually shop the stores a bit just see what else they have. And say I like what was offered at this one store I can either save the item or save the store in my favorites and go back to it at a later time. Fantastic!

Beer Cozies by Eve's Little Earthlings

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