Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Inflatable Kayaks

Roundup: Inflatable Kayaks | Product Reviews

You knew there would be such a thing as Inflatable Kayaks. I would be totally for it if I didn't think that they would pop and I would be suck some wear alone far away from a dock or shore. I want to be positive about such a good design twist to the kayak, but it seems just too good to be true. For example, do you know of a comfortable air mattress? Or an air mattress that has stayed inflated all night? If you do let me know and I will invest.

I have rode in an inflatable boat before and it wasn't that bad, but it was more a joke type of a boat that I would never take too far off shore. A kayak I feel its a boat designed for long rides and rocky rapid type adventures. So, I'm curious as to how the reviews will go from customers about these inflatable style kayaks, and I hope they stay positive because these look really cool. I love the idea of rolling up my kayak to fit into the drunk of my car; it can fit right next to my huge tent, that rolls up nicely as well.

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