Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shamu training in the Work Place?

I saw Amy Sutherland on the Today Show and couple years ago talking about her article which later became her book, 'What Shamu Taught me about Life, Love, and Marriage', She was speaking about how animal training can be used within your daily life, on humans as well as animals. I listened carefully to what she had learned from following a school for animal trainers and applied it to my life, as she did hers. What she said just made sense, ignore unwanted behavior and reward good behavior. And if an action gets out of hand punish immediately, but not too harshly, and let your trainee know why he/she is getting addressed. I was interested in the idea and always wanted to read her book. Last week my eyes fell upon it at the library, like fate.

I think a lot of people do the opposite and just take for grated good behavior when its happening and shout at bad behavior the moment it occurs. I was lucky to have a natural act of thanking my husband for things as a appreciative wife, but I also had learned to nag when I didn't see results from my requests. Part of applying, Shamu results, was teaching myself to be patient. As a result, I feel my marriage is great, we don't yell at each other and we really help one another out. Very often my husband will say how great our marriage is, and how great we are together. Which is wonderful since we have been happily together almost eight years now.

Another thought that I always had was why don't employers reward more? I wish that more bosses would just say, "Thank you". Yes, employees love a good party or gathering every once in awhile. But that individual, "Good Job" can go a long way. Yes, I know that your paycheck is your reward but employees take it for grated just as much as employers take day-to-day work from their employees for grated. I think if you want great employees you got to nurture their happiness, its more bang for your buck. I know I would naturally work harder for a company that takes care of me versus intimidate me into work, wouldn't you? In the end the employee feels good about their work, good about their company and in the end will speak well to others about your company. Sounds like the best type of advertising to me. So make an effort today to send a quick, email to an employee that might not be doing so hot, and see what happens. Encouragement can go a long way.

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