Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mashmallow Design and Appreciation

Cooking is an art, marshmallow making is a science, so why can't a Graphic Design Blog talk about marshmallows? Great, I'm glad you agree. Let's think about those late nights in the summer that you spend outside, cozy by a campfire or warm grill hoping there is some marshmallows, and maybe chocolate bars and graham crackers nearby. You know, things that make standing outside, getting eaten by mosquitoes totally worth it. These nights are the ones I remember most from summer. A good campfire always brings joy. But I'm trying to simmer my sweet tooth lately and marshmallows have been calling. So let's take a moment and drool over these gorgeous photos and if you can't get them out of your head here are the recipes to go with them.

Start with the top right photo, then working down and then to the left.
Campfire Cookies, you'll have to scroll the page down a bit for this one.
Sweet Potato Cupcakes, and don't worry she has her own s'mores cupcake recipe on this page too.
The corner photo is actually for Old Fashioned Pudding, pictured with toasted marshmallow atop.
Warm Toated Mashmallow S'mores Bar-saved the best for last.

And of coarse if you feel like making your own marshmallows here is a recipe from

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