Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mustache Me!

 Mustache Pint Glass from Bread and Badger
One of my first "designer" mustache sightings was on my favorite interior design blog Design*Sponge. It was for a glass that had an etched mustache on it, so when you drank from it you would be perceived to have a mustache on your face. Since then mustaches have been popping up in many places, other than the face.

 Get the whole "A Field guide to Typestaches", available in an 18" x 14" poster

Such as, in today's Print Magazine twitter post, announcing a new mustache typeface called "A Field guide to Typestaches", from Mr. Tor Weeks and Tom Foolery Tag Team. (See the full font here.) This type is just darn right adorable. Get the poster at Old Tom Foolery, before they sell out.

Pop's Stache Beverage Tag, from Shane Blomberg

Other adorable mustache find was found on Kickstarter, a web donation type of site where you launch a project you need money for and people will contribute, providing you reciprocate creative "exchanges" for their cash. Shane Blomberg's project, Pop's Stache, is for mustache beverage tags. His project is to create a package of eight different mustache styles, they are designed to ring around the top neck of your desired beverage bottle. Very cool idea!

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